Product Summary

The TLP120GB is a GaAs Ired & photo-transistor. The TOSHIBA mini flat coupler TLP120GB is a small outline coupler, suitable for surface mount assembly. TLP120GB consists of a photo transistor, optically coupled to two gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode connected inverse parallel, and can operate directly by AC input current.


TLP120GB absolute maximum ratings: (1)Forward current: 50 mA; (2)Forward current derating: -0.7 (Ta ≥ 53°C) mA /°C; (3)Pulse forward current: 1 (100μs pulse, 100pps) A; (4)Junction temperature: 125°C; (5)Collector emitter voltage: 80 V; (6)Emitter collector voltage: 7 V; (7)Collector current: 50 mA; (8)Collector power dissipation: 150 mW; (9)Storage temperature range:-55~125°C; (10)Operating temperature range: -55~100 °C; (11)Total package power dissipation: 200 mW.


TLP120GB features: (1)programmable controllers ; (2)AC / DC-input module ; (3)telecommunication.


TLP120GB pin configuration